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Here lives an experimental bot that converts email threads that are registered in the Commitfest system into branches on Github, and collates test results from Cirrus CI.

Ready for Committer

41/3464 Add Amcheck option for checking unique constraints in btree indexes Anastasia Lubennikova, Maxim Orlov, Pavel Borisov H   CompilerWarnings: COMPLETED   FreeBSD - 13 - Meson: COMPLETED   Linux - Debian Bullseye - Autoconf: COMPLETED   Linux - Debian Bullseye - Meson: COMPLETED   SanityCheck: COMPLETED   Windows - Server 2019, MinGW64 - Meson: CREATED   Windows - Server 2019, VS 2019 - Meson & ninja: COMPLETED   macOS - Monterey - Meson: COMPLETED

Waiting on Author

41/3882 Adding CommandID to heap xlog records Anastasia Lubennikova, Matthias van de Meent H   Apply patches: FAILED