PostgreSQL Patch Tester

Here lives an experimental bot that does this: CommitfestGithub → ( AppVeyor, Travis ). You can find a report for the current CF, the next CF or individual patch authors.

News: Some information about this project can be seen in these slides from PGCon 2018. TL;DR: the plan discussed with the pginfra team is to integrate this into the Commitfest application. May take some time, but watch this space.

Ready for Committer

26/2208 Add --include-foreign-data option to pg_dump to dump the data of foreign tables Luis M Carril patch   apply success   appveyor building   travis building

Needs review

26/2213 Add FOREIGN to ALTER TABLE in pg_dump when the target is a foreign table Luis M Carril patch   apply success   appveyor success   travis success

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