PostgreSQL Patch Tester

Here lives an experimental bot that does this: CommitfestGithub → ( Travis, AppVeyor ). You can find a report for the current CF, the next CF or individual patch authors.

Announcing some new features: result links now take you directly to build logs, testing is now done on multiple operating systems, and new patches should be picked up a lot more quickly than before.

Needs review

19/1283 Pluggable storage API Álvaro Herrera, Alexander Korotkov, Haribabu Kommi patch   apply failure
19/1707 pg_stat_statements_reset() update to reset specific statement statistics Haribabu Kommi patch   apply failure

Waiting on Author

19/1677 New libpq option to prefer standby for connection Haribabu Kommi patch   apply failure

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